Protemp 4 Refills A2


Protemp 4 temporisation material is a bis-acrylic composite for the fabrication of reliably strong temporaries with splendid aesthetics.

  • Protemp 4 temporisation material was developed to satisfy even the most demanding temporisation disciplines
  • Excellent breaking fracture resistance through sophisticated nano filler technology
  • Patient-pleasing aesthetics
  • Tangibly less inhibition layer for easy handling

Indications: Fabrication of temporary;

  • crowns
  • bridges
  • inlays
  • onlays
  • veneers
  • long-lasting temporary restoration

Lining material for prefabricated temporary crowns made of composite (e.g. Protemp Crown) and metal (e.g. Iso-Form crowns)

Each pack contains 16 Garant Mixing Tips, blue