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VistaScan Combi View


Image plate scanner with touchscreen for all conventional dental formats (Intra, Pan, Ceph 18 x 24). Quiet operation, with Photon Collection System (PCS) technology. The scanning laser beam rotates, unlike in conventional systems where the scanner drum rotates with the plates fixed in place. Gives high resolution images and reduced radiation doses. All formats from 0 to size 4. Complete with Imaging plates (Size 0 and Size 2), assorted barrier envelopes and DBSWIN software.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Highest image quality
  • High-resolution touchscreen
  • ScanManager for optimum surgery workflow
  • For all intraoral and extraoral formats
  • Table-mounted or (optional) wall-mounted
  • PC connection via WLAN/LAN
  • Work possible even without a PC