Caresteam Dental

CS RVG 6200 Sensor Size 2


The CS 5200 and CS 6200 offer a choice of resolution/price resulting in an instant, high quality image output with an unsurpassed true resolution. The waterproof and fully submersible sensor head enable optimal disinfection and increased durability. Flexible and robust cables are designed and tested to withstand strong bends and pulls. Shock resistant casing and silicone padding offer extra protection from falls. Sensors available correspond to size 0, 1 & 2 film sizes. No sharp edges facilitate patient comfort and easy positioning. The CS 5200 and CS 6200 RVG Sensors fully integrate with all Carestream imaging equipment and CS imaging software.

  • Stepwise positioners enable correct sensor placement for accuracy and comfort
  • the sensor is always ready to acquire images

With the RVG 6200, your ideal image is just a few clicks away. You can apply three anatomical image enhancement modes to your acquired images, including endodontic, periodontic and dentin-enamel junction.

An ergonomically optimized rear-entry cable reduces bulk at the point of entry, allowing for easier placement and positioning of the sensor, the reinforced cable is 20 percent thinner than previous RVG sensors to facilitate better sensor placement in the patient’s mouth. The cable is also more flexible,which simplifies bitewing acquisition.

Featuring an easy installation and maintenance process, makes the 6200 the ideal choice for those transitioning to digital imaging for the first time. RVG 6200 sensors are tested to assure you a level of waterproof durability for infection control.

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