Quattrocare Plus 2124A


The cost-efficient solution for optimum care and long-term maintenance of handpieces.

Main features and advantages for you:

  • Only one-minute care cycle for four handpieces
  • Program-controlled, automated care process
  • Optimum lubrication, thanks to automatic, outlet-specific, metered dosing
  • Easy handling prevents erroneous care
  • Compressed-air blasting of transmission system and spray channels, using purging function
  • No leakage of excess, residual oil from handpiece, after processing
  • Universal, handpiece compatibility (adapters for all established brands available)
  • Modern and ergonomic design

Supplied with 1 x Basic device, 1 x Multiflex coupling and 3 x Intramatic couplings.

Dimensions -

  • Width 35 cm
  • Depth 28 cm
  • Height 38 cm