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VSA 300 S Suction Pump


Whilst maintaining continuity in technical developments, Dürr dental has continued to ensure that its suction systems always focus on the individuality of the practice and the treatment team. This has led to the development over many years of a range of suction systems to meet every demand. Whether standalone units, central suction systems of equipping complete clinics, Dürr dental can offer the matching suction system.

Three-in-one suction machine. The VSA technology developed by Dürr Dental combines the complex system of suction unit, separation and amalgam separation in a single unit and on one drive shaft, the VSA 300 S is especially suitable to one-room surgeries, With this combined suction unit, more than 97% of the amalgam ends up in the automatically monitored collector vessel. At a filling level of 95%, the VSA 300 S inidcates that the container must be replaced by a visual and audible signal.

  • Integrated suction and air/water separation system with amalgam separation for a treatment unit
  • Suction power of 300 l/min
  • High efficiency and operational safety
  • High-degree of foam compatibility due to two-step separation
  • Measures just 48cm x 31cm x 31cm