Xantalgin Select Refill


Xantalgin – the fine-paste alginate for sensitive patients.

It shows a high level of accuracy and is particularly suitable for sensitive patients due to its soft starting consistency. The dust free and clean mixing is easy and comfortable.

Kulzer uses high quality seaweed from preferred cultivation areas as a basis for their alginate impression material. These alginates last longer without preservatives. Since they do not contain any chemical disinfectants, they are skin and gingiva friendly. Their mild peppermint taste also makes the impression more pleasant for the patient. Xantalgin is best suited for documentation, analysis, planning, opposing bite and working model.

Xantalgin Select:

  • The creamy consistency is particularly good for sensitive patients.
  • Thanks to its high elasticity and tensile strength, impressions can be removed easily, even if there was undercutting.
  • The short setting time is pleasant and saves time.