Complete Drape Kit - Sterile


Comprehensive sterile single use kits for implant/surgical procedures. Kit contents compiled after 6 months research. Ethylene Oxide Sterilised. Cost effective with minimal wastage.

Contains: 2 x Surgeon gown grade A, 4 x Hand towel – wrapped separately, 2 x Face mask ear loop, 1 x Face mask with ties, 2 x Head covers with elastic, 1 x Head covers with ties, 1 x Drape 90cm x 120cm, 1 x Drape 75cm x 90cm, 1 x U-drape 100cm x 150cm + adhesive + tube holders, 1 x Outer wrap 180cm x 140cm, 3 x Adhesive film (blue) 20cm x 20cm, 3 x Adhesive film 5cm x 80cm, 1 x Aspiration system with tip, 1 x Blue adaptor, 3 x Drill sleeves 120cm, 1 x Elastic cap radio cover, 1 x Galley pot (small), 1 x Kidney dish, 4 x X-ray gauze swab (7.5cm x 7.5cm), 1 x Suction tube connector, 1 x 3 metres of suction tube, 1 x Yellow bio hazard bag for trash, 1 x Yankuer (fine), 1 x Plastic tweezers.