Disposable Implantology Kits - Sterile Dentset Dental Kit


Sterile Set consisting of patient drapes and surface drapes; the set includes handpiece sheaths and adhesive film sheets for handles and keypads. The set is packed in double packing. The convenient detachable label allows easy traceability of the operation.

Contains: 1 Absorbent/Waterproof drape 100 x 150 cm with adhesive U-shaped split* 6.5 x 30cm, in light blue NWF + Polyethylene, 1 Absorbent/Waterproof drape 75 x 90 cm, in light blue NWF+Polyethylene, 2 Absorbent/Waterproof drapes 50 x 75cm, in light blue NWF+Polyethylene, 2 Omnisleeve sheaths 120 x 7cm, in transparent PVC, 4 Film sheets 20 x 20cm² Cross20, in light blue PVC