Surface Wipes - Alcohol-Free Refill Pack

Pack 200

Professional non-alcohol wet wipe for the surface disinfection of non-invasive medical devices.

  • Specially formulated for use in the medical and dental environment.
  • Contains detergent.
  • Can be used on all surfaces, including those that are sensitive to alcohol: such as chairs, dental furniture, dental/medical equipment and other non invasive medical devices.
  • Effective against: A. niger, C. albicans, Cladosporium, C. difficile - vegetative cell formation (growing cells) of Gram positive organisms, E. coli, E. hirae, H1N1 Influenza A Virus, Hepatitis B & C Virus, HIV-1, Herpes simplex virus type 1, K. pneumoniae, L. monocytogenes, L. pneumophila, M. bovis, M. tuberculosis, M. tuberculosis avium, M. tuberculosis terrae, MRSA, P. aeruginosa, Penicillin, P.mirabilis, Rotavirus, S. aureus, S. marcescens, S. typhimurium, Vancomycin-resistant enterococcus faecium.
  • Meets HTM 01-05.
  • Wipe size 200 x 200mm.
  • Mint fragranced.