Ultra Safety Plus 27G - Long - 35mm Yellow. 2.2ml

Box 100

Needle stick injury prevention device


  • A sterile, single patient, disposable, aspirating syringe system with a pre-mounted needle, this devise is designed to help prevent needle stick injuries, for routine administration of dental local anaesthetics

Features & Benefits:-

  • Conforms to UK legislation on “Safer Sharps Regulations 2013”
  • Sterile, single use injection system.
  • Specially designed to prevent needle-stick injuries.
  • Allows both Passive and active aspiration techniques.
  • No recapping necessary.
  • With bevel indicator to assist in orientating the bevel to the bone.
  • With improved transparent barrel to allow to ensure aspiration is clearly visible

Box of 100 needles individually packed and sterilized + 1 autoclavable (black) handle