Carestream Dental

Carestream CS 1200 Intraoral Camera


Delivering high image resolution (1024 x 768), the CS 1200 reveals even the smallest details. As an affordable entry point into digital imaging, the CS 1200 puts high-quality intra-oral images within the reach of any practice.

Thanks to the camera’s crisp, high-quality images, the CS 1200 facilitates communication with your patients and is a perfect tool for patient education. And, more informed patients are more likely to make smarter decisions about their treatment-improving revenue opportunities and maximizing return on investment.

Capture your patients’ images and review them directly from the CS 1200. With the ability to store up to 300 images within the camera, the CS 1200 eliminates the need for memory cards or computers in each operatory. Supporting both PC and analogue display, the camera’s direct connections ensure fast and easy sharing between operatories.

Lightweight and compact, the CS 1200 fits easily in hands of all sizes and minimizes operator fatigue. Meanwhile, the camera’s rounded head and tapered shape ensure patient comfort.

The CS 1200 features a 6-LED illumination system that automatically adjusts to ensure perfectly lit images in any lighting condition. The camera’s wide focus range captures a variety of intra-oral views.

The CS 1200 is fully backed by expert service and support, a one-year product guarantee, and optional extended warranty programmes.