VisCalor bulk - Thermoviscous bulk fill composite

Combines the benefits of both flowable and carvable materials

For dentists, restorative treatments are an everyday procedure. Depending on the type of cavity, there are various options available. If an adhesive technique is selected, there is then another decision to be made. Dentists often start by using a flowable composite, which flows optimally onto the cavity walls in the area of the cavity floor, but is then difficult to carve. To solve this problem, the dentist either uses a sculptable material as an additional layer, or alternatively may decide to use a sculptable bulk composite right from the outset, which can be placed in a single step.

The job of deciding which technique to use is now a thing of the past because with VOCO’s VisCalor bulk, there is now a new composite that combines the benefits of both techniques (composite bonded to flow). VisCalor bulk is the world’s first restorative material with “thermoviscous technology”, which has been specially developed for warming up. The extraoral warming means that the composite can initially be placed in the cavity in flowable form, but then changes its consistency within a few seconds to become sculptable.

VisCalor bulk is heated to approx. 68°C before it can be applied. It is also a 4 mm bulk material and does not need to be applied in layers. VisCalor bulk is available in four shades (A1, A2, A3, universal) and covers the entire indication range for classes I, II and V restorations.

Featuring near-infrared technology

VisCalor Dispenser – heating and application with a single device

Now, for the first time, composite Caps can be warmed and applied immediately using just one device – VOCO’s VisCalor Dispenser makes it quick and easy.

The Cap heats up extremely quickly (approx. 30 sec) thanks to the near-infrared technology integrated in the dispenser. An acoustic signal indicates that the material is ready to be applied directly from the dispenser.

The VisCalor Dispenser is the perfect device to use in combination with VisCalor bulk. This material is the world’s first nanohybrid composite specially developed for heating up. The increase in temperature gives the material a lower viscosity, allowing it to flow optimally on margins and undercut regions. This also prevents air bubbles and minimises the risk of marginal gaps. The VisCalor Dispenser has two heating programmes: one for VisCalor bulk and one for all other VOCO composites.

Manufacturer: VOCO GmbH, Anton-Flettner-Strasse 1-3, 27472 Cuxhaven, Germany,