Trusted partners in infection control

Schülke are experts in infection prevention and control, with a range of products to meet the needs of dental practices, where patient safety is a top priority.

For nearly 130 years, schülke have been dedicated to research and product development to produce disinfectant and cleaning products to ever higher standards. The sole focus of the company is to ensure that the highest quality products are available to help practices minimise the risks of cross infection.

The schülke range includes products for surface, instrument, suction equipment, dental impressions and aspirator decontamination, as well as products for hand disinfection and biofilm removal in dental unit waterlines. Recently octenidol md® mouthwash was added to the range.

Effective cleaning of surfaces is essential to protect both staff and patients from the risk of cross infection. The mikrozid® range offers products for all areas of the dental practice. Particularly popular is low-alcohol mikrozid® universal which is effective against bacteria including TB, as well as viruses like norovirus. It offers dual cleaning and disinfection of surfaces, contains added surfactants to boost cleaning performance and is available in both liquid and wipes. mikrozid universal is fast acting and has excellent material compatibility. It can be used to clean smart phones, keyboards and other sensitive equipment, as well as dental chairs and surfaces.

When it comes to dental instruments, using a pre-cleanser and disinfectant foam can help prevent the adhesion of bioburden at the start of the decontamination process. gigazyme® foam is a ready-to-use spray foam designed for the immediate cleaning and disinfection of dental instruments, before reprocessing. The unique formulation includes three different enzymes for cleaning and disinfection.

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