Lighter progressive forces

TOMY Inc is the leading expert in shape memory alloy technology and it was at the end of the 1980’s they developed the first memory Nickel Titanium archwire. This archwire is sold by GC Orthodontics under the brand name Bio-Edge. In 2016 the Bio-Edge wire was further developed and Bio-Active light was born, the development of this wire was revolutionary.

Bio-Edge Light is a large diameter wire (.020”x.020”) with all the biomechanical properties of a Ni-Ti wire (force, superelasticity and shape memory), but this wire has three sectioned forces equivalent of .014” (50g) on incisors, .018” (150g) on premolars and .020” (250g) on molars.

Archwire progression has historically followed a recommended route from an .014 archwire with a 50g force initially, and building up to a .020”x.020” square arch wire. Now Orthodontists have the choice to start their treatments with a large diameter archwire, .020”x.020” and .018”x.018” while still offering the same patient comfort as with a round wire. The wire has the equivalent unloading forces of a .014 while at the same time immediately controlling torque and limiting secondary effects. This is revolutionary in orthodontics, as allowing continuous force with predicted light forces, treatment time can be shorter, archwire changes are less frequent and chair time is reduced.

In order to thoroughly benefit from the shape memory effect in cases of severe overcrowding, the archwire can be cooled (with Endo-Frost) for easier wire insertion.

Bio-Active Light are now available from, codes: .020”x.020” Upper 212785, Lower 212784, .018”x.018” Upper 212788, Lower 212789.

If you’d like to see these archwires in person, make sure you visit Torque Orthodontics, our orthodontic division, who are exhibiting at the British Orthodontic Conference. The event will take place at the QEII conference centre, London from the 27th-29th September 2018.