In the chair with…Dr Anup Ladva of Braintree Dental Studio in Essex

Dr Anup Ladva takes part in In The Chair and tells us what’s at the top of his bucket list, how he would spend at £10m lottery win to ease homelessness and how Braintree Dental Studio is helping other practices with their digital workflows…

  1. What’s your favourite food to eat or drink?
  2. Indian food, I love the spices and the nuances in the varying tastes from the different regions.
  3. One surprising item what a dentist can’t live without?
  4. A great pair of comfy shoes. So important. We’re always moving around and need to rely on great footwear.
  5. Favourite thing about being a dentist?
  6. We get to meet new people both as patients and the students that we teach. We get to learn from others, have great conversations and most of all help people change the quality of their life.
  7. How long have you worked in dentistry?
  8. 16 years.
  9. Dental product couldn’t live without and why?
  10. Retraction cord. DD has a great set and I use them every single day. I’m a fixed prosthodontics guy so I love the varying sizes on offer.
  11. If you won £10m on the lottery what would be your first purchase and why?
  12. A community centre to help the homeless. The world has changed so much that now even those who have been working hard and trying to get by sometimes can’t.
  13. Tell us more about Braintree Dental Studio?
  14. We have been growing our practice since 2007 and have a beautiful clinical set with a fully digital suite. In growing and developing our digital dental services we have been lucky enough to develop our workflows for the practice. Three years ago we began consulting for other groups of practices that have either bought or are looking at moving into digital dentistry. We are proud to have been able to help many practices integrate digital workflows in a way that are either hypermobile or robust in their nature to allow full engagement from the staff and the clinical team.  We’re happy that DD has been a great partner in helping us grow and help so many practices.
  15. Proudest moment to date in dentistry?
  16. Gaining my distinction if my MclinDent Fixed Removable Prosthodontics from Kings College. I was so happy and best of all was seeing my lovely wife, kids and family there - it is a great memory after such hard work.
  17. What superhero power would you like to have?
  18. To fly so I could save so much travelling time in-between teaching, working and my family time.
  19. Favourite holiday destination and why?
  20. My favourite holiday is in the United Arab Emirates. The level of service and luxury is second to none.
  21. What’s at the top of your bucket list and why?
  22. To go animal spotting on safari. I can’t wait to do this with my family when my children are a little older.