Discover magazine September - October Issue

A lot has happened since our last edition.

The issue of treating vulnerable people has featured heavily in the news – perhaps for all the wrong reasons. It’s just one of the news stories we feature in our round-up, but one we’d love to know your thoughts on.

Lucy Foord, practice support manager for DBG, explores Legionella in our cover story and explains why it’s imperative to understand more about the bacteria and the risk it poses to patient.

We talk exclusively to NSK as they share their advice on choosing the right autoclave, take a closer look at the VistaCam iX HD and Tomy Inc, the creators of the first memory nickel titanium archwire, tells us more about the Bio-Edge Light. 3M explains The Minamata Convention and what that means for the industry. Our experts share their top tips for keeping practice equipment in the best of health and I talk technique as I team up with our own brand, UnoDent to try out its comprehensive alginate range, including Fast Sets and the Orthodontic Alginate.

And our managing director, Paul Adams, takes part in our first My Life feature and shares his love of chocolate and his ‘hooligan’ motorbike…

Dr Farzeela Merali-Rupani
Head of Clinical