Discover Magazine November - December Issue

Welcome to the latest edition of Discover.

In our latest issue of Discover magazine we lead with a story from our decontamination experts, Dolby Medical and find out how they are bringing best practice developed in Scotland into the rest of the UK following expansion. 

We discuss flushing out nasty bugs hiding in computer keyboards with Medigenic, check out the latest innovation in hand scaling with Hu-Friedy and we explore COLTENE’s heritage and how its recent acquisitions mean big benefits for customers.   

Our experts at Mi-Tec offer advice to extend the life of your handpieces and when it comes to investing in new dental practice kit we have the eight questions everyone should ask before they buy. 

And we provide a round-up of some of the month’s most discussed and surprising headlines hitting the press, including the revelation that baboons in Devon floss. Who knew. 

Dr Farzeela Merali-Rupani

Head of Clinical