Discover magazine August - September Issue

Hello and welcome to another great issue of Discover.

With more than 130 years of experience, we talk exclusively to schülke on the topic of infection control as they take us through their latest product innovations to help practices minimise the risk of cross infection.

And at Dental Directory we’ve also been exploring infection control. We’ve researched 100 dental professionals to ask them their thoughts on the regulations and revealed that when it comes to compliance confusion is rife. In fact, nearly one fifth of those we asked said that they feel they need guidance on the regulations.

Astek Innovations spills the beans on the man behind the brand, self-confessed gadget man, Dr Alan Segal.

UnoDent talks about the importance of its panel testers and invites readers to get involved and have their say on the next product to be added to the value range of quality products.

We also catch-up with Rachel Simmonds, inbound sales manager at Dental Directory.

And if that’s not enough we have a few surprising news stories to throw into the mix – did you know that the tooth fairy is leaving £23.7m under pillows these days!

Dr Farzeela Merali-Rupani

Head of Clinical