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Complying to the rules and regulations set upon you can be a real challenge and opens your business to a lot of risk.

We’re here to give you peace of mind and remove the burden of regulation and compliance so you can carry on running and delivering your dental services.

Through DBG (Part of Dental Directory) we offer CPD compliance training, radiation protection consultancy at a great price.

The legislation

The requirements of the Ionising Radiations Regulations 2017 (IRR17) / Ionising Radiations Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2017 (IRR(NI)17) are specifically directed at those who work with ionising radiation, including the undertaking of dental radiography. It requires the employer to demonstrate that they are keeping radiation doses as low as is reasonably practicable (ALARP) together with establishing and maintaining a quality management system.

The requirements of the Ionising Radiation (Medical Exposure) Regulations 2017 [IR(ME)R17] / Ionising Radiation (Medical Exposure) Regulations (Northern Ireland) [IR(ME)R(NI)] address the protection of the patient. The radiation dose received by the patient must again be kept ALARP while still achieving a clinical diagnosis. You must be able to show that you have written staff entitlements, written procedures for exposures, an up to date equipment inventory, and be able to show how optimisation of dose is achieved.

But don’t worry we’re here to help.

DBG will help your practice meet the requirements of the current legislation. So you can provide adequate ionizing radiation protection to your employee's and patients alike. Our experienced team are here to help.

For a short period that runs up to the one year anniversary of the radiation regulations coming in to force we’re offering £100 off our 3 year radiation protection consultancy.

Your Price £389

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More about DBG

DBG is part of the Dental Directory group and delivers our compliance and training services. They have been working alongside dental practices for 25 years and understand your practice requirements like few others. There success has been, and continues to be, based on developing and delivering dental specific services.

With over 5,000 members across 7,000 practices, DBG offers a complete solution, allowing you to focus on what you do best!

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